We now have Engblad & Co’s (formally known as Eco) Front, Nature and Jaime Hayon wallpaper collections available on our website.

Front Wallpapers

The Front collection has been created by the acclaimed design group Front, and takes inspiration from ‘trompe  l’œil’ (‘trick of the eye’) visual devices. In order to achieve the effects shown, they used scissors to cut out different shapes which were then woven and folded before finally being sketched out – resulting in a series of patterns that offer a discrete and harmonious backdrop to any room, whilst still being distinctive enough to enhance different interior designs. Front consists of 8 patterns that all add depth, shade and structure to white walls.

^ Some of the above ‘Front’ designs are available in other colourways.

 Nature Wallpapers

These wallpapers take their inspiration from Scandinavian nature, mixing it up with new and exciting urban elements. Featuring soft and elegant patterns these wallpapers are an easy fit for a tranquil rural home, yet they also suit the city pulse of modern apartments. Breathe in nature and decorate your walls with mist-clad mountains, budding spring leaves and soft, geometric wood surfaces.

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^ Some of the above ‘Nature’ designs are available in other colourways.
DISCLAIMER: All of the above NATURE wallpaper designs are out of stock with the supplier until 12th June 2017. Please enquire on stock before ordering.

Jaime Hayon Wallpapers

In this collection Jaime has gone back to the fundamentals in his designs and drawings: basic components of dots, lines and circles. Also using angles, curves, volumes and lines he has succeeded in creating designs that combine character and discretion. These wallpaper designs give a room both identity and personality.

^ Some of the above ‘Jaime Hayon’ designs are available in other colourways.


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