Jewel Tones
2017 has seen us say goodbye to the more subtle, pastel shades in interior decor and say hello to the more luscious jewel tones and textures.

Jewel tones and textures can make your interior sparkle and give it that added touch of elegance and glamour.

Vibrant colours such as sapphire blue, emerald green, daring pink and royal purple will be taking the centre stage in interiors. From the furniture and wall decor to soft furnishings and accessories.

This means we’re seeing more variation in the use of materials that have been inspired by metals, space and the cosmos. Floaty silks, transparent sheers and sumptuous velvets will be making an appearance on furniture and window dressings alongside vibrant wall decor and accessories.

Floaty Silks & Sheers

Floaty Silks & Sheers

 Using silks & sheers in your interior really adds a touch of royalty and elegance.

Silks drape well and add an attractiveness to the room with shiny highlights, whereas sheers are light and add a spacious feel to a room.

The good thing with silks is the colour intensity of them which enables you to really achieve rich hues in your room – perfect for jewel tones!

Vibrant Accents Vibrant Accents

Accent wallpapers and fabrics can create a main focus for a room, giving you something to work off of and extract colours from that can be used in your accessories and furniture.

Incorporate a statement accent pattern that’s vibrant and full of contrasting jewel tones to really lift your decor and inject some personality into the room.

Sumptuous Velvets

Sumptuous Velvets

Soft, sumptuous and full of richness, velvets will transform your room into a luxurious setting.

Velvets can be incorporated into your furniture such as sofas and footstools, or they can be used for curtains to create a lavish warming feel.

Metallic Hues

Metallic Hues

Metallic Hues perfectly compliment jewel tones with a cosy yet deluxe feel.

You can get a metallic hue by using shiny silk fabrics, metallic or glass bead wallpapers or by accessorising with metallic framed mirrors and metal detailing around the room.

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