Putting the effort into decorating your child’s bedroom is important, as it’s where they will grow, play and dream for most of their childhood years. 

Choosing a wallpaper for your child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery can be a difficult process as children’s interests can change very quickly.

Will you focus on a specific character or theme? Or go for bold, fun and colourful prints that will see them through many, many years?

We’ve put together 10 of our most popular children’s wallpapers to guide you through the process of choosing the right wallpaper for your child’s bedroom.

Your little ones will love their new bedroom with these bright and colourful wallpapers that will help them to explore and learn.

And don’t forget, you’ve got to live with it too so it’s definitely worth taking your time whilst making your decision!

1. Animal Magic

1. Animal Magic

‘Animal Magic’ by Scion is loved by girls and boys alike.

The wallpaper comprises of an abundance of labelled zoo animals of all shapes and sizes.

Your child will be able to discover zoo animals and their names with this wallpaper, as the friendly characters keep them company throughout their younger years.

Available in 2 bright colourways.

2. What a Hoot

2. What a Hoot

‘What a Hoot’ by Harlequin features quirky little owls perched on branches, accompanied by their woodland companions.

Available in 3 mixed colourways this wallpaper is the perfect solution for a variety of children’s bedroom styles.

3. Two by Two 3. Two by Two

‘Two by Two’ by Sanderson is a vintage design available in 4 pastel colourways.

The vintage design depicts the story of Noah’s Ark with the animals situated in pairs as they board the ark.

4. Lilleby

4. Lilleby

‘Lilleby’ by Boråstapeter is a fun and cheeky design.

This wallpaper features little birds, cherries, butterflies and birdhouses situated in a woodland garden setting.

An imaginative and playful design with a mature twist that your children won’t grow out of too quickly.

Available in 3 charming colourways.

5. Reggie Robot

5. Reggie Robot

‘Reggie Robot’ by Harlequin is bright, colourful and full of character.

Reggie is a computer-styled character which combines pops of colour with loads of fun and imagination.

Available in 3 bold colourways.

6. Whale of a Time

6. Whale of a Time

‘Whale of a Time’ by Scion is an ocean lovers dream wallpaper.

Featuring lots of friendly whales, this wallpaper will bring waves of fun into any room. 

7. Treasure Map

7. Treasure Map

‘Treasure Map’ by Sanderson is full of new discoveries.

The more you look at this wallpaper, the more you start to discover. You and your children will never get bored of this world map design with whimsical detailing of the native flora and fauna of the different continents.

Send your children aboard the pirate ship to adventure across the world to discover hidden treasures.

Available in 3 subtle colourways.

8. Felicity Flamingo

8. Felicity Flamingo

‘Felicity Flamingo’ by Scion is a fabulous wallpaper ideal for a girl’s bedroom.

Felicity is sure to add style to any girls bedroom with her love for all things fabulous and fancy.

Available in 2 pretty colourways.

9. Little Fox

9. Little Fox

‘Little Fox’ by Scion is a small-scale version of the original showstopper; Mr Fox.

Little Fox is Mr Fox’s fantastic little brother, and he’s here to cause mischief amongst children’s bedrooms.

Available in 5 intriguing colourways. 

10. Fairy Castle

10. Fairy Castle

‘Fairy Castle’ by Sanderson is perfect for a fairy tale princess’s room.

This dreamy wallpaper features small fairies, pretty flowers and castles conjuring up a magical fairy world.

Available in 3 desirable colourways.

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