We now have Harlequin’s new Entity Wallpapers, Fabrics and Quadric Weaves available to buy online.

Harlequin’s new Entity collection is an urban modernist collection inspired by ‘Architectural Fashion’. The collection transforms natural silhouettes by exploring the interplay of light and shadow with the repetition and organisation of pattern. 

Entity is a geometric range of wallpapers and fabrics with exaggerated outlines, engineered layers and an emphasis on shape and form, resulting in a polished industrial aesthetic with a soft edge.

Entity Wallpapers

Entity wallpapers comprises nine designs exploring different effects such as 3D, metallic versus matt, triangles against squares, concrete effects and an eye catching digitally printed panel.

Entity Fabrics

Entity fabrics comprises nine designs inspired by the reflections of shiny glass panels, broken shards, layered spheres, angular geo-florals, chevrons and silhouettes of people in a crowded city.

A variety of techniques and textures have been used across these striking designs, including metallic accents, lustrous velvets and high-shine weaves for added glamour.


Quadric Weaves

Comprising four easy-to-use upholstery fabrics including a statement triangular motif and a luxurious woven plain, these fabrics beautifully complement the Entity collection.

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