We now have Cole & Son’s new Icon collection available to buy online.
Introducing Icons by Cole & Son – a contemporary selection of wallpapers which revisits some of Cole & Son’s most iconic, best-selling designs.
Some of the relaunched favourites include Woods, Hummingbirds and Palm Leaves all of which have been featured in a refreshingly glamorous, 1950s Miami inspired colour palette.
Each design has been reproduced in a new combination of contemporary colourways such as bright, vivid hues and tropical, sun-bleached shades reflecting a 1950s South Beach bold style.
Below we’ve provided a little bit of information about each design:

Palm Jungle

Palm Jungle Wallpaper Room Image

The original Palm Jungle print has been relaunched in both bold and toned down colourways, whilst still retaining the same details which made the original print so popular.

Colourways: Seafoam, Petrol & Lime, Forest Green, Stone & Taupe.

Palm Leaves

Palm Leaves Wallpaper Room Image

A more simplistic version of the Palm Jungle design, Palm Leaves has had a pastel colour makeover. Each colourway reflects a retro Miami cool effect adding a soft, neutral base with a couple of vivid colourways to make way for an unforgettable interior.

Colourways: Alabaster & Pink, Mint & Sand, Viridian, Ink & Violet.


Woods Wallpaper Room Image

Inspired by Michael Clark’s 1959 screen print, Cole & Son’s Woods wallpaper design is a firm favourite with its timeless, cosy feel. For this collection, Woods has had a refined update using uncomplicated tones such as Linens, Whites and Greys.

Colourways: Linen & Charcoal, Stone & White, Parchment, Grey & White, Old Olive.


Hummingbirds Wallpaper Room Image

The elegant and loved Hummingbirds wallpaper has had an enchanting update with 4 new contrasting and enduring colourways.

Colourways: Viridian, Green & Pink, Pastel, Charcoal & Ginger.

Petite Tile

Petite Tile Wallpaper Room Image

Appearing in softer shades and a bold, exciting shade of Charcoal and Bronze, the Faceted Tile design is a geometric wallpaper inspired by the North African courtyards of Morocco.

Colourways: Powder Blue, Soft Grey, Duck Egg, Parchment, Charcoal & Bronze. 


Miami Wallpaper Room Image

This exuberant Miami inspired design pays homage to the epicentre of tropical, retro style. Featuring layers of luscious tropical vegetation and terraced balcony’s this design is now available in a chalky, kitsch colourway and a more bold statement colourway.

Colourways: Pastel, Soot & Snow.

The iconic geometric Prism design as been reinvented in a muted pastel colourway to create an elegant yet striking feature wallpaper.

Colourways: Pastel.

Cow Parsley

A silhouette stem design with an etched background, the iconic Cow Parsley adds a pastoral ambience to any interior. Now available in colourways that are more calming with a classic feel.

Colourways: Charcoal, Parchment, Ballet Slipper, Olive, Viridian.

Rajapur Flock

Rajapur Flock Wallpaper Image

A beautiful textured flock  featuring a large-scale paisley design conveying a delicate grandeur with its pale flocking and eye-catching colourways.

Colourways: Yellow & White, Hyacinth & White.

Feather Fan

Feather Fan Wallpaper Image

An inviting design inspired by the geometric pattern from a feather fan. Available in soft, pastel colourways and a striking colourway which adds depth to the delicate design.

Colourways: Charcoal & Bronze, Taupe, Ballet Slipper, Seafoam, Old Olive.


Flamingos Wallpaper Image

Still one of Cole & Son’s most popular designs, Flamingos is a charming design featuring nonchalant birds and subtle background foliage. 

Colourways: Olive, Ballet Slipper, Lilac Grey, Ink & Alabaster Pink.

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