Ready Made Curtains FAQ

    1. How do I measure for my curtains?

    Please see our Measuring Guide (PDF) for help with measuring your curtains.

    2. Which size track/pole will be suitable for my curtains?

    Please refer to the chart below (if your exact size isn't listed use the nearest size available).

    Curtain WidthSuitable For Poles/Tracks of Length
    112cm (44")Up to 137cm (54")
    127cm (50")Up to 152cm (60")
    168cm (66")Between 138-198cm (55-78")
    193cm (76")Between 153-228cm (61-90")
    228cm (90")Between 199-274cm (79-108")
    260cm (102")Between 229-310cm (91-122")

    3. What size are the eyelets and which poles are they suitable for?

    The eyelet rings have an internal diameter of 40mm and are suitable for poles with a diameter of up to 30mm.

    4. How do I clean my curtains?

    General care information can be found in the specification page for each product. More detailed instructions will normally be found either on the product packaging or on a care label sewn on the inside of the curtain heading. Please retain these instructions for reference and follow them carefully. Please note: It is recommended that most curtains are dry cleaned only.

    For washable fabrics a shrinkage of up to 5% may occur when washing instructions are followed. To reduce the degree of shrikage, washable fabrics should be hand-washed, drip dried and ironed in a lengthways direction before fully dry. Shrinkage in any fabric can be minimised if your curtains are dry cleaned.

    5. What is the difference between pencil pleat and eyelet heading?

    At the top of every curtain there is a heading tape which alters the style of the curtain depending upon the type.

    The standard heading is usually pencil pleat, which when used requires you to use hooks in the heading tape to hang onto the curtain ring/glider. There is also another popular heading style called eyelet heading which is quite contemporary. This doesn't require the use of curtain hooks in the heading tape as the curtain fits directly onto the pole itself using the eyelet rings in the heading tape, and rather than hanging under the pole like pencil pleat heading the fabric starts above the pole.

    6. Will the patterns match across several pairs of ready made curtains?

    No. Unfortunately due to the way that ready made curtains are manufactured, the patterns across multiple pairs of curtains will almost always differ. If you require the patterns to match then we would not recommend ready made curtains, and your only alternative would be to have made to measure curtains which could guarantee this.

    However, on a single pair of curtains then the patterns will match from the left to the right half though, it is only over multiple pairs this cannot be guaranteed.

    Please note: Customised (altered to length or converted to eyelet) ready made curtains aren't the same as made to measure curtains, as they are simply just adjusting a standard pair of ready made curtains - so even customised ready made curtains will not match across multiple pairs.