1. How long does delivery take?

    Delivery of all the genuine VELUX blinds take 7-10 working days for the UK.

    Look out for 2 day delivery on some of the most popular sizes and colour combinations, which are available on the Blackout DKL blind.  See the product description for further information.

    All of the Velux products come directly from Velux located in Denmark, over to here which is why they allow up to this timescale as all products need to go through shipping and customs, and also any adverse weather conditions have to be taken into account.

    Any companies quoting quicker lead times are falsely claiming this, unless of course they are stockists themselves.

    2. Do Velux blinds and accessories come with any guarantee?

    All the Velux blinds and accessories come with a full 3 year guarantee.

    3. What if I need to return my blind or accessory?

    Please refer to our returns policy for full details about returning your VELUX product(s).

    4. My windows are high up, what are my options?

    To operate high windows that you cannot reach, which you require to be opened and closed will need a Telescopic Rod Control (ZCT 200), which ranges from 1.0-1.8m , this will allow you to open and close the window itself - please ensure your window is a GGL/GGU type first. For even higher windows the extension rod allows you to reach 1.0m higher.

    Your options for blinds are to either purchase a Remote Control Solar powered blind, which obviously you can operate via the remote. Alternatively if you want a manual control blind, you can purchase 1 Rod Adaptor for each blind, which clips onto the blind, and using the Telescopic Rod Control (ZCT 200) you can open and close the blind.

    5. Can I operate several Remote Blackout blinds off 1 remote?

    Yes. However each Remote Control blind you order will automatically come with 1 remote control included. As all the remotes operate off 1 frequency then you can control any Remote Control blind with any of the remote controls which were included. Although, due to the narrow wave length from the remote, it is very unlikely you will be able to operate 2 blinds with 1 click of the remote.

    6. What is the Pleated Combination all about?

    The Pleated Combination (FPN) is a separate blind you must attach to a Blackout Roller blind (DKL). This blind will fit below the blackout blind, and allow you to create a multitude of different room lighting effects - gaining the benefits of both worlds if you require Blackout for heavy sunlight, and a soft translucent material to soften the light in the daytime.

    Please note you cannot combine a Flying Pleated (FHL) blind with a Pleated Combination (FPN) blind.

    Blackout Blind (DKL) with Pleated Combination (FPN)

    7. My windows are White Polyurethane, do you have blinds with the same finish?

    VELUX discontinued the white frame option for blinds as of May 1st 2013. All blinds now come with aluminium frames. Please see our range of premium skylight blinds for Velux windows which have the white frame option.

    You can order genuine VELUX blinds for these windows still, just provide the correct code when ordering and they will be sent with the aluminium frame as standard.

    8. Can you supply me samples of the blinds?

    Unfortunately we cannot, however VELUX can supply them direct. Please visit the VELUX Blinds Sample Site and click on the Fabric Samples link near the bottom right hand corner to order them free of charge and they will arrive in 5-7 working days.

    9. My window size is not listed here, do you do it?

    Providing your window is a genuine VELUX window then we will almost certainly be able to provide a blind for your window. If you contact us, we will be more than happy to give you a quote for your window.

    10. I'm interested in a Velux product but it's not on your website, can you supply it?

    We can supply any VELUX blind or blind accessory, and if it isn't listed on our site then please contact us for a competitive quote and any further information.